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     It's technically not mid year but mentally it's mid year for me.  I feel as though I lost about two months of planning.  The reason I say I lost two months of planning is because for two months I really didn't plan.  I was in a planner rut, funk etc.  

     I wasn't enjoying my planners as I had enjoyed them the few months before.  Something seemed off.  I have  given up the idea of planner peace.  I'm at a place where I just want to continue to enjoy planning and enjoying all the things!


    My Current stack consist of :

      1. Budget Planner (half letter) which I'm considering turning into a catch all planner. I use my Finance planner inserts in this planner.
      2. Mini HP.  This started off as an extension of my business planner and has now become my full business planner.  I take it with me and use it almost everyday.
      3. Lastly my beloved A6.  This is my everyday carry.  It has everything I need to function daily.  I also keep some finances in this planner as well.

I also journal but not everyday and barely weekly.  However I'm returning to journaling as it is great to help me express feelings along with good days and bad days when I just need to get it all out of my mind and on to paper.


What is your mid year planner stack looking like? Are you still in the same planners you started the year with?

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